native forms logs

Native Forms

November 2021 Updates

Multi-Page Forms:

Extend form functionality by adding multiple pages. Use the Submit, Next, and Back buttons to control what data is displayed for a rich user experience.

Form Templates:

Leverage Form Templates for a fast and consistent design experience. Templates allow you to default your design settings so you'll never have to recreate your work twice.

Hidden Fields:

Add hidden fields with pre-selected values to your forms. This is great for selecting record types and/or values for internal-only fields.

Merge Fields:

Use Merge fields to display relevant information during form fills. Merge fields dynamically populate form field values from your existing Salesforce records.

Multi-Select Picklist Support:

Offer users more ways to input their data. Native Forms now supports both Picklist and Multi-Select Picklist fields.

User Experience Overhaul:

Enjoy a redesigned UX for a more powerful and simplified form creation experience.

Create Unrelated Records from Forms:

You asked, we listened! Now you can create unrelated records from form fills.

Re-send your Forms:

From the page layout, users can now re-send forms to recipients that may have missed it the first time.

Reset your Forms with the Start New Button:

Have a form that needs to be submitted multiple times? Add the Start New button to your form to reset the values after submission.